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Maayan Live!

Thanks so much to those who made it to our last performance at the Amazing Cat poetry club last Saturday, and to those who watched us on YT during live broadcast. We are extremely excited about being able to deliver the beauty of ancient sources to our audience in form of music, share our passion to timeless values of human connection and love. We believe that music has no boundaries and by gathering hearts and souls with no attention to differences and separations, we getting closer towards each other, and towards the revelation of higher purpose. We felt the connection on our own skin, between us, and we hope that you felt it too.

For those folks who missed it - please do visit our YouTube channel and check out the recording of the full performance. Nothing fancy, phone camera and sound, yet the feeling is there. You are very welcome to join us in our journey towards better existence, where people care for each other, value each other.

With Love,

Maayan Band

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