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Coronavirus vs Humanity.

We are getting scared.

Of the things we read and hear in the news, of the shelves in costco being rAvaged in the last three days, of the weird no-shaking-hands greetings of my coworkers, friend in Manhattan office sent to work-from-home until the end of the month, conferences being cancelled, and, mainly, of the unknown. The unknown is scary.

But, is our perspective objective? Are we seeing what is being shown to us, or are we interpreting it as we pleased?

What is really happening as we are being bombarded by numbers and facts of the newest enemy of humanity - Corona.

We are slowing down. Starting to produce less and consume less, waste less money and generate less trash. We plan to spend more time with our families and just stay at home as ministries of health recommend us to not travel without any reason. We are actually being forced to become considerate of the wellbeing of our neighbours. It is not about isolation, but the care of the people next to you.

We in practice become aware of the fact that we are all part of one whole interconnected system, and this lesson is given to us by Nature itself. It is not an all-knowing politician or a brightminded youtuber with the 300 thousands subs, it's the Nature’s call announcing loud and clear that the time has come for us to realize the change we all have to acknowledge and accept.

Change in our perception and behaviour towards each other, towards the system we all part of.

Is the virus a real threat for humanity, or is it a messenger to finally shake off all the barriers between us and realize the law of connection and belonging to ONE.

Then What?


No more cutting off your fellow driver on the road, no pushing in line to get your conditioner, no more charging 10 times for an annoying tooth filling, no more shooting over an empty wallet in the parking lot, you name it…

Its not the first time in the history of humanity that a common disaster unites people. In fact a war, an earthquake or an epidemic forces people to get closer to each other and to appreciate true values like never before. But only until the disaster is over. And we then all get back exactly to where we started - to ourselves.

Facing a true enemy, our self concern and ignorance, over a seemingly threatening virus or any other frightening sign of danger is our way to not only survive but to build and prosper in a true human society, loving and caring.

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